Tuesday, April 26, 2011

holga + south africa =love.

Photographing South Africa with my holga was the best thing I ever did.

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Monday, October 11, 2010


Traveling with children is adventurous, exhausting, frustrating, and yet so rewarding. This was the case with Liam and Robin. They are Cathy and Cornelius's grandchildren. Their daughter Angela lives in Cape Town and half of us stayed at her house while we were in Cape Town. Both Liam and Robin LOVE their grandparents and wanted to be with them while they were in town. So they tagged along with us as their grandparents gave us the grand tour of Cape Town. The children were great tour guides in their own right and albeit very hyperactive at some points, were so fun to have along for our little adventure. I fell in love with Liam. He is the cutest! He loves hugs and fell asleep on my lap so many times..so cute!
I am such a firm believer in giving children a camera. I think I've always thought this, but after traveling with Robin and Liam, I became sure of it. They have a distinct view of life. Things seem so unfettered and they are so open to everything they see. It's interesting to see what fascinates them, for Liam, who's five it was people's shoes, his own shoes, and little details of everything around him. For Robin it was herself; a spunky 8 year old, flowers, and copy cat photography. I don't mean that in a bad way, it seemed as though she photographed what us photographer's photographed, but she saw some distinctly different things, which provided a view that we missed. I love that with one view, there are a plethora of perspectives. Goal for my children: give them a Holga! Teach them how to correctly expose, use light, and the basics on composition and then let them use their creativity. I realize it could be disastrous. Lots of blank film and money wasted on development. But it could also be splendid. Allowing my children to see the world around them and helping them learn to look. A happy and hopeful dream for my children! P.S. All the photos posted above were taken by Liam and Robin! Fun, eh!

Ahh..to be a tourist.